BUT we’re so much more than a Juice & Smoothie Bar!

Farm to Table Fare & Fair Trade Market

STORE HOURS: Mon-Fri, 7am to 7pm, Sat, 8am to 4pm, & Sun, 9am to 1pm
LOCATION: 1115 Washington Avenue, Grand Haven

We Offer: Fresh Salads To Go, Cold Brew Coffee, Kombucha, Switchel, Cold-Pressed Juices, Energy Bites & More!
We love supporting our local farmers and producers, and providing our community with sustainable goods for thoughtful living.

We Offer…

The finest cold-pressed juices, nut mylks, and wellness shots in the area to help you get the nutrition you need. Each bottle of our cold-pressed juice consists of several pounds of produce and is packed with live enzymes, vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients.

We know your schedule can get hectic, so we deliver.
We know how important maintaining health is, so we offer subscriptions.
We know how important it is to reboot, so we offer cleanses.

    • Our cold-pressed juice is derived from local and organic produce and is nutrient rich, pure, and delicious.
    • We support our community by partnering with local farmers to grow fruit and vegetables for our juice.
    • We donate our leftover pulp to Hidden Creek Farm where our pulp is happily eaten by their farm animals.
    • To help reduce our eco footprint we buy back our glass bottles to encourage re-use.
    • We use glass bottles because they are clean and will not leach harmful chemicals into your juice. Glass keeps your juice colder and tasting better.


Visit us at one of the many farmers markets we attend and help us support our local farmers, processors and artisans.

We Deliver!

Remember how nice it was to have the milk man deliver “fresh from the farm” milk right to your door?
Now you can have “fresh from the press” juice delivered right to your door!
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