Accepting Bottle Returns at Our Store in Grand Haven

Bodhi Tree Juice Co is committed to being environmentally conscious by using sustainable materials whenever we can. We use glass bottles for our juice, shots and nut mylks because glass bottles are reusable, fully recyclable, and are often made from recycled material. We also need to print fewer labels when we reuse our bottles. Using glass bottles helps us to reduce our eco-footprint.

When you return your bottles to us, you may include the Bottle Returns for credit on your next purchase. This is good for your budget and for our Mother Earth.

Starting in June, we are only taking Bottle Returns at our store located at 1115 Washington Street, Grand Haven, MI 49417. Thank you!

2 oz. Bottle Return
$1 per bottle

16 oz. Bottle Return
$2 per bottle

32 oz. Bottle Return
$4 per bottle