The Juice Cleanse

Cleansing is achieved through eliminating your body’s burden of breaking down the additives, chemicals, hormones and pesticides consumed in the standard American diet. In addition to flushing toxins, our antioxidant and enzyme-rich juices fuel your body with nature’s best organic fruits and vegetables, acting as catalysts for better health. Nearly 10 pounds of produce is pressed into each days allotment of pure goodness.


  • Green Emerald
  • Revive Alive
  • Rise n’ Shine
  • Activated Lemonade
  • 1 Energy Bite
  • 1 Small Salad

1 day = $52
2 day = $104
3 day = $156


  • Cocoa Almond Milk
  • Energizer
  • Rise n’ Shine
  • Green Emerald
  • Activated Lemonade
  • Switchel
  • Ginger Shot

1 day = $70
2 day = $140
3 day = $210


  • Green Emerald
  • Greens n’ Ginger
  • Rise n’ Shine
  • Root Restore
  • Tropi-Kale
  • Switchel
  • Activated Lemonade
  • Ginger Shot
  • Metabolism Shot

1 day = $75
2 day = $150
3 day = $225

 Cleansing Suggestions

Congratulations on committing to a cleanse! Cleansing is a way to give your digestive system a break and allow your body to flush out toxins.

Preparation is the first step to a successful juice cleanse. If you are not use to juicing, we recommend you start by drinking a juice a day for 5-7 days before doing a juice cleanse. This will help maximize the benefits of your cleanse and enjoy a more pleasant cleansing experience.

If you are doing a cleanse for the first time, we do recommend you start with our First Timers Juice Cleanse.

Please review our pre-cleanse suggestions below and remember these are only suggestions…
it is best to do what works for you and make the cleanse your own.

As always, feel free to call Customer Care at 616-638-4541 if you need anything at all.
Happy Cleansing!

Three Days prior to the cleanse:

Cleansing reconnects you with your body’s needs. Dehydration is commonly mistaken for hunger, so drink more water to keep your cells hydrated and eliminate false hunger. Drinking water is also an important first step in preparing for your juice cleanse because it transports nutrients to your cells.

For optimal results while cleansing, we want to bring your body into a more alkaline state. Coffee and soda pop are very acidic. Do what you can to cut back on these beverages.
Yerba Mate and Matcha green tea are good alternatives during this time and they provide a bit of caffeine without disrupting your alkalinity levels.

It is best to not consume any alcohol the few days leading up to the cleanse as well as when you are on the cleanse.

This is a great time to start introducing a few servings of fresh fruits and vegetables into your daily routine.

Do your best to eat a plant-based diet… meaning no meat, no eggs, or dairy products. It is best to begin resetting your digestive system so when you start your cleanse, it is ready to go!

The sooner that you can eliminate processed foods from your diet, the better.
READ THE LABELS ON ALL YOUR FOOD. There are a lot of disguised words on labels. Just because it says “natural”, does not mean it necessarily is.

Do your body and the planet some good, consume and support organic foods whenever possible!


We recommend lighter exercise during your cleanse, as your body is detoxing and may want to rest.
Some activities we enjoy while cleansing are Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Chong, and taking walks.

We do not recommend drinking any alcohol during your cleanse.

Cleansing is a great way to reconnect with your self. Spending a minimum of 10 minutes a day in meditation or prayer is recommended. Keeping a journal is a wonderful way to document your experience.

This is your time. Your body will be detoxing and need extra rest. Honor yourself and rest.

Break FAST ideally is a green juice, second option is very light breakfast and small amount of caffeine if absolutely necessary
Lunch: salad or other raw or lightly steamed veggie dish, or vegetarian soup
Dinner: cooked vegetables and clean grains such as millet, quinoa, or amaranth
Continue daily exercise
Continue to drink lots of water
Before you get your juice on…


First Timers
Start your day with 4 ounces of Switchel. 30-60 minutes later drink Rise n Shine. 2 hours later drink another juice (your choice) 1-2 hours later enjoy energy bites. 2 hours later drink another juice (your choice). Eat salad for dinner. Drink 3-4 ounces of Swithcel throughout the day.

The Classic
Start your day with 4 oz Switchel. 30-60 minutes later drink Grapefruit juice. 2 -3 hours later drink Tropi-Kale. 2-3 hours later drink ½ Blue Majik.2-3 hours later drink Energizer. 2-3 hours later drink Green Emerald. 2-3 hours later drink ½ Blue Majik. Drink Switchel throughout the day. Add ginger to Switchel or sip alone.

The Reboot
Start our day with Rise n Shine. 1-2 hours later drink ½ E3 BrainOn. 1-2 hours later drink Root Restore. 2-3 hours later drink Tropi-Kale. 2-3 hours later drink Green Emerald. 1-2 hours later drink ½ E3BrainOn. 2-3 hours later drink Verde Good. 2-3 hours later drink Greens n Ginger. Drink ginger shot throughout the day.


It is advisable to seek medical profession advice prior to initiating any new routines, including juicing. People using prescription medication should not do a cleanse longer than 3 days without medical supervision. Bodhi Tree Juice Co. is not a medical organization and neither Bodhi Tree Juice Co. nor its employees can give any medical advice or diagnosis. Any information obtained from Bodhi Tree Juice Co. shall not be interpreted as a substitute for medical advice or a doctor’s consultation, evaluation or treatment.

During a detox you will probably feel great, but some people may experience lows, both physically and mentally. If anything is overwhelming, physically or emotionally, seek medical attention immediately. Longer term cleanses should be conducted under a health professional’s care.

Raw Alert: Bodhi Tree Juice Co cold-pressed juice has not been pasteurized and therefore may contain harmful bacteria that can cause serious illness in children, the elderly, and persons with weakened immune systems.

Proper Storage: Raw juice and food is extremely perishable and must be stored under 40 degrees Fahrenheit at all times. Use coolers and ice packs when traveling or if you won’t be home or able to refrigerate your juice right away.

Return Policy: All sales are final.


*NOTICE: Bodhi Tree Juice Co. is not a licensed medical doctor and does not practice medicine. We do not offer or provide medical advice. If you require medical advice or attention please seek out a professional medical doctor; nothing on this website shall be interpreted as medical advice.